Network information system


Certa’s architecture ensures minimum response time, notwithstanding the number of users or the model’s size. Simultaneously saving the information of everything that happens in the street and assuring the accuracy of its data.


Certa stores the history of the network model. You can see what the network looked like when a service outage occurred and what was done to restore the service, step by step. Calculations and audits on customer service levels can also be carried out. Follow-ups on the history of each network element can be performed, without losing any assets. We also follow-up company investments and are able to control customers who are connected and disconnected over a period of time. With help of Certa, you can measure a company’s performance.


Certa application servers store network graphs in their memory, ensuring maximum performance, even in the worst possible loading situations for the system and regardless of the overall network size, number of system users or number of customers involved in the analysis.

Easy integration

Certa’s network model database runs on Oracle, without proprietary formats nor binary blobs. In addition, our service-oriented architecture of application servers permits simple extensions of functions and easy system integration. Any corporate system can use Certa’s services to analyze or modify a network model and its topology.

True data

Certa guarantees the quality of data in the model. Since the system is based on production, the mismatches between the model and reality can be detected and corrected. With Certa, the model’s data quality improves as the system is being used.