Certa PCM manages network construction projects with close control in the selection of materials. We make sure that the physical asset resulting from the network model is consistent with the ERP’s financial asset view.


Certa PCM allows you to manage the physical assets of the company, and provides the necessary functionality to speed up the construction of network projects. Integration with ERP ensures that the physical assets derived of the network model are compatible with the financial statements of the company.


Project versioning

It is possible to manage and compare several versions of a single project and have a configurable workflow with the corresponding approvals for the different design and network construction stages.


Construction assemblies

Certa PCM manages standardized construction assemblies, composed by several materials and works, which can be automatically allocated while drawing a project on Certa GIS.


Project materials and costs

It calculates the materials and works used in each version of a construction project, taking into account price lists, suppliers and construction conditions.

Physical asset, financial asset

Integration with ERP, using the same definition for materials and works. PCM calculates the materials which were actually used for each project, thus assuring compatibility between physical and financial assets.


Where are investments made?

Certa’s history shows exactly where investments were made over a certain period of time. It also allows follow-ups on individual assets over time. No more lost assets after their physical installment on the street!


Exact VNR

Chile – Brazil
The data quality offered by Certa’s platform and the functionality provided by Certa’s PCM enables an exact and auditable calculation of company assets (VNR in Chile or Brazil). This way you will have the necessary tools to succeed in rate negotiations.