Certa Mobile enables editing the networks directly from the street. Houses, grid and infrastructure elements can be entered, making the corresponding validations as defined in Certa, using any cell phone or Android tablet, based on all of Certa’s and Google Maps’ information.

Data entry from the field

Certa Mobile allows data entry in Certa directly from the field, without information loss or double entries. Thus, one of the main sources of error in the quality of information of a grid model is eliminated.

Minimum data collection time

Data entry of each element is optimized, reducing the time for data collection to the minimum possible, including data validation defined in Certa.

User-friendly interface

Certa Mobile has a user-friendly interface in order to correctly interpret any complex situation. The image shows an example of an assignment screen with a duct configuration, including subducting in a conduct.

Position entry and connections on the map

The position of the elements can either be taken from the device’s GPS or can be placed geographically on a map based on Certa’s or Google Maps’ information. The connections between the elements (wires, conducts, other infrastructures) and their middle vertices can also be entered directly on the map.

Elements’ photos

Certa Mobile allows the mandatory or optional photographing of certain type of elements of the grid, saving them in Certa.

Integrated with Google Maps and Google Street View

Certa Mobile enables Certa Collection to make any search of grid elements or addresses using both Certa and Google Maps’ data, as well as having access to the information of Google Street View.

With Certa Mobile, all Certa data is updated directly from the field, by the same person that is collecting the data or changes in the grid, avoiding loss of papers and misinterpretation, as well as simplifying the documentation process.