Certa PI offers you the possibility to design the internal plant of a network and integrate it to the fiber optics external plant and the geographical network model. Integration to monitoring systems is also possible. We provide a live topological model that covers from the internal plant to the end customers.

System display reflects exactly what you see in reality

Intuitive modeling of the internal plant, includes rooms, racks, frames, modules, ports and patchcords.


Model all possible scenarios

You can place frames both in the front and in the back of a rack, within the same rack units. The equipment can also be placed on top or below a rack. All possible scenarios from real life can be modeled.


Internal and external plant in just one model

You can integrate the internal plant to the external plant network model. It is possible to combine the internal and external elements of a fiber optic’s ring in one single topological path. The relationship between TXs and RXs in the internal and external plant can be visualized in a unified network model. And more importantly, Certa guarantees you maximum speed to visualize which services and customers are fed by a specific rack, module, port or patchcord.


Integration to monitoring systems

Our product can be integrated to monitoring systems. You can see all the results coming from multiple information sources together in a unified view.


Error-free editing

You can enter the internal plant information in an intuitive and fault-free manner. Certa IP makes sure that the information which is entered into the system only uses one valid value, that each element of equipment is inserted into the correct slots of the frame, and that all the information in the network model is consistent.


Usual configurations

Typical rack configurations may be stored – including patchcords – and copied in their real locations. Modifications for individual cases can be made afterwards. Patchcords may be also entered directly from an Excel file.


Pow and air-conditioning

The system calculates the electric power per rack, room or electric board and the air-conditioning per room or hall.