The exact network connectivity status at the time an event occurred.
Certa View allows you to visualize and analyze the network model on an Internet browser, including Android tablets.


The system can make topology queries to find customers downstream of a network point or an element that feeds a particular area. Using the same services as Certa GIS, it can analyze topologies based on electric network phases, fiber optic network fibers or copper network pairs; and use both the network design status (engineering) and the actual operation status on the street.


Dynamic outage coloring

Certa View highlights with colors the areas of the network that are having service outages.


Thematic maps

Geographical analysis of corporate information: corporate data coming from other systems on the geographical or schematic model can be analyzed. Totals for each area or circuit can be calculated to create reports or spectacular thematic maps, which are also very easy to understand.


Flexible symbols and permits

Certa View shares definitions of symbols and user rights with Certa GIS and other system modules. The user may only see the segments of the network model he or she is authorized to see, but including the area of the model he or she needs to visualize.


No more lost assets

Analysis of the network model can be performed any day of the week, anytime, showing the exact network connectivity status at the time an event occurred. It is also possible to analyze investments done the previous year, follow up on a certain asset over time or analyze customer connections in a specific area after changes in network technology.


Model functional to every company

In addition to geography, the new version shows the grid designs and the internal worlds of complex elements.


Schemas and internal layouts

Apart from geography, the new version shows network schemas and internal layouts of complex elements.


New search engine

The system provides a very agile search engine for network objects, addresses and areas.


Certa connections

Certa Connections can add households directly from Certa View by making the necessary changes in the network model. This tool is essential for commercial areas because it allows you to add new customers independently, without implementing a new engineering project.

High speed guaranteed

Thanks to the architecture of the Certa platform, Certa View is very fast and supports a large number of users. It also works well with slow links.