Certa OMS manages service outages and guarantees no problems in performance, even in the worst possible crisis situations.

Maximum calculation speed

The complete network model is stored in the application servers and this enables ultimate speed for topological searches of affected customers or a network element that failed; without need to access database. This architecture enables Certa OMS to work perfectly, even in the worst situations within the network.


Scalable, fault-tolerant

If an application server fails, customers are connected to another server. If higher performance is needed, extra application servers may be added.

Identification of failing element

Certa OMS manages network problems and classifies them in groups. Claims are topologically linked and failing elements in the network are easily found. This analysis is also carried out with help of the information provided by the network monitoring systems and street crews.


Calculation of affected customers

Provides all available information to customers calling due to service outages: Certa OMS finds the customers affected by a failure or operation in the network, and reports it to the CRM/Call Center/IVR before they call in. It also informs them about the status of the work which is affecting customers. It includes customer notification in the event of programmed interruptions.


Off-line operation

It is possible to enter network operational information – on-line and off-line -, once the events have ended, with their real date and time (post-operation). Certa OMS checks that the operations entered after an event are compatible with customer claims and other operations that have been loaded.


Dangers and defects management

Management of dangers and defects that have been detected by street crews and of work orders derived from those discoveries.



Management of pre-operational permits for electric networks.

Operational and design status differences

Comparison between the real operational status of the network and the design status. The goal is to reduce the time in which the network operates outside of its design status to the minimal.


Auditable history

Step-by-step event reproduction of the full network model, anytime. It is possible to visualize events from any selected moment since the installation of the system, regardless of how far back in time they go. This is crucial for companies with reliability-related penalties or contracts, or for firms which are audited by regulatory agencies.


Monitoring-SCADA integration

Integration with network monitoring and telecontrol systems (SCADA-DMS).


Street crews management

The system manages street crews assignments and allows simple integration with work management systems (WMS) and vehicle tracking systems.


Notification panel

Provides a notification panel with all the pending tasks and alarms for operators, supervisors and managers.