With Certa Crisis the whole company can see exactly the same updated information, during crisis situations.

Precise and timely information during crisis situations

Certa Crisis provides exact and updated information in crisis situations.


Everyone sees the same data at the same time

All business areas see exactly the same information. Just one message is sent to the press, regulatory agencies and special customers.


Same numbers presented differently for each management level

Every area and supervisory level sees the information it needs, but always in consistency with the overall company-wide crisis indicators.


All crisis indicators

All necessary indicators for crisis management: geographical view, evolution of total amount of affected customers, summary of current situation, customers and kVA affected by voltage level, kVA outages against kVA restorations over time, evolution of claims, contribution per operating area, average restoration time per document for each voltage level over time, summary of customer type, forecast of affected customers over time, restoration rate, list of sensitive customers, street crews per company area and call center operators over time, and much more.


Detailed operational information

It is possible to browse to even the most detailed information coming from the operational base systems: OMS, WMS, call center, SCADA and IVR.


On-line calculation of indicators

Information is calculated on-line thanks to the speed of Certa’s application servers.