Certa Call Center can keep record of technical claims and is fully integrated with Certa OMS.

Technical claims

Certa CC registers all technical claims and is specially designed for electric distribution companies.


Links new claims to existing problems

Fully integrated with Certa OMS, Certa CC receives on-line information on all customers affected by ongoing outages. Upon receipt of a claim, the system checks whether it is related to an already existing problem. If this is the case, it automatically links it to the existing problem, without generating additional work for the dispatch area.


Information on work in progress

Certa CC also receives information on ongoing work from Certa OMS, including expected restoration date. This way, customers are able to get precise and updated information.


Also works on an Internet browser

It may either be installed as a client application in a Windows workstation or use it with an Internet browser. The latter is specially designed to be able to quickly add Call Center representatives in crisis situations.

Customer history

The calling customer may be identified with any of the following data: customer ID, name, address, telephone or meter number. Claims involving street hazards may be entered via their corresponding address. Once the customer is identified, it is possible to look at the customer’s history such as previous claims, latest service outages and other reliability indicators.


SVP, street hazard management

Certa SVP is a module for claims management involving street hazards. It offers a unique workflow that includes such features as follow-up on response times, audit on taken measures and automation of information for submission to regulatory agencies and municipalities.