Certa Reliability, reliability management adapted to the regulatory agency of each area or country. Precise and auditable indicators – without additional fines due to data consistency problems in the submitted information.

Reliability + technical product quality

Reliability and technical product quality management (voltage drop, flickering), adjusted to the regulatory agency per area or country. Specially configured for several provinces in Argentina, SEC in Chile, Osinerg in Peru, Bolivia and El Salvador, among others.


No more fines for data quality issues

The outages used for reliability indicators are used to carry out recalculations until the date of consolidation with help of Certa’s history. This process begins once each area has solved their corresponding information consistency issues. You will no longer get fines for data quality related issues.


Auditable interruption times, consistent with all corporate systems

Certa Reliability guarantees consistency between calculated outages, claims received by the call center, the customers connections and disconnections as reported by the billing system, SCADA operations, and the information obtained from power meters and street meters, as well as any other data sources coming from Certa’s network model.


Indicators, graphs, reports

All indicators: graphs and reports. We offer you outage analysis tools and reliability indicators. The report indicators are based on cause, feeder, area, failed element or type of customer. You can add filters such as outage duration or force majeure cases, among many others. The system also makes the necessary calculations for the elaboration of reports that have to be submitted to regulatory agencies.


CAPEX and OPEX, impact on reliability

Detailed CAPEX and OPEX management: What is the incidence of each spending item on my reliability? What will my projected reliability indicators look like if I change a maintenance policy? Where do I need to focus my investments to maximize the impact of my reliability indicators?

Force majeure cases

Thorough management of force majeure cases, including elaboration of reports for regulatory agencies.


Technical product quality

Management of voltage drop, flicker and harmonics level indicators. Includes meter management, measurement processing, identification of abnormal values and sanction calculations. Elaboration of reports with the necessary calculations for submission to regulatory agencies.