Certa GIS allows you to edit the network geographical model with AutoCAD MAP, a tool widely used by drawers, thus ensuring the lowest training and data entry costs.


Certa View allows you to visualize and analyze the network model on an Internet browser, including Android tablets.


Certa Mobile enables editing the networks directly from the street. Houses, grid and infrastructure elements can be entered, making the corresponding validations as defined in Certa, using any cell phone or Android tablet, based on all of Certa’s and Google Maps’ information.

Call Center

Certa CC can keep record of technical claims and is fully integrated with Certa OMS.


Certa OMS manages service outages, without suffering any performance problems, even in the worst possible crisis situations.


Reliability management, adapted to the regulatory agency of each area or country. Precise and auditable indicators – without additional fines due to data consistency problems in the submitted information.


During crisis situations, the whole company can see exactly the same updated information.


Certa PCM manages network construction projects and controls the materials used in them. The system makes sure that the physical asset resulting from the network model is consistent with the ERP’s financial asset view.

Grid 2 Grid

Cities are already smart. Signals produced by routers and digital TV home decoders, by smart cameras and traffic lights, or by cell phones in each person’s hand. Grid2Grid gives the power supplier access to all signals coming from those elements, inferring the points of electric faults with total accuracy. The power supplier in the heart of a smart and integrated city.