Dynamic grid model
The grid model is very dynamic: clients’ connections and disconnections, equipment changes, failures, grid expansion, maintenance… reflecting thousands of changes daily.

Consolidation date
The changes in remote-controlled elements are immediately captured in the model. The rest is updated with a time delay… Certa introduces the concept of consolidation: the date until which all areas updated the grid.

Model = reality
Up until the consolidation date, the model must be exact. Certa spots any inconsistency, guaranteeing that the grid model matches exactly the reality in the streets.


Good information enables good management

Certa guarantees the quality of data in the model. Since the system is based on production, the mismatches between the model and reality can be detected and corrected. With Certa, the model’s data quality improves as the system is being used.

Consolidation date

Certa works with the concept of consolidation date, which indicates the last time all company areas updated the network model.

Inconsistencies between network model and associated data

Before a consolidation date is set, the model’s data must be precise. Certa detects inconsistencies between the network model data and the associated data. Afterwards the information is reported to every operational area in order to carry out corrections on the original systems: GIS, OMS, billing, ERP and others.

Closing date process. Certa’s network model becomes auditable reality

Once all errors have been corrected until consolidation date, the process ends and no one else will be able to modify the model with a date prior to the consolidation date. This way, the network model with a consolidation date becomes the auditable reality of the business, where all information associated to it is characterized by its full consistency.

Model = Reality

With help of this process, the quality of the information from Certa network’s model grows while the system is used and until the network model actually matches the real network.

True Data, correct decisions

Accurate information in the network model leads to correct management decisions. Another benefit is that there will be no need to send technicians to the field to check the network before starting an engineering project or to repair a failure.

Smart grid based on pure data?

The quality of information provided by Certa is necessary to automate the network of an electric distribution company. Smart Grids cannot make operational decisions if the network model is not precise. In today’s global economic and environmental context, it is not viable to manage a distribution company on the basis of very poor information quality. However this is the case of most providers of GIS or OMS systems from the competition.