Mobile Portrait Created with Sketch. Grid model data in Oracle DB

Oracle database server
All data of the grid model and of the configuration metamodel are based in an Oracle database.

Modules Servers connected to Oracle DB

Certa servers
One or more Certa servers, connected to the Oracle database, have the grid model in their memory and run the system’s modules.

Desktops and tablets
Geographic or topological inquiries from the system’s modules are answered by Certa Servers without needing to access the database. Only the changes in the model and the inquiries on related data impact on the database.


Certa ensures maximum performance

Certa application servers store network graphs in their memory, ensuring maximum performance, even in the worst possible loading situations for the system and regardless of the overall network size, number of system users or number of customers involved in the analysis.

Network model in RAM

Certa application servers store the network graph in their memory. Topological and geographical queries are solved with a single query and in the server memory, without need of accessing the database, thus providing users with the maximum speed possible.

Database access just for updates

Access to the database is only required for model updates and associated data queries.

Scalable, fault-tolerant

If more users are added or higher performance is needed, additional Certa application servers will be connected in parallel. If an application server should fail, customers will be connected to another available server.

Best performance in large-scale network models

We have customers with models covering 7,500,000 of households and networks, with thousands of users accessing from more than 80 company buildings – with maximum performance functionality.

Tested under worst outage crisis

Thanks to the high speed of application servers, Certa OMS mastered the worst possible crisis situations without any difficulty.

100x faster than client-server systems

Topological queries – which analyses tens of thousands of customers and which used to take over 15 minutes on client-server architecture products – only take about 0,050 seconds with Certa.