Mobile Portrait Created with Sketch. Grid model data in Oracle DB

Oracle database server
The model’s Oracle database contains all data in open formats, without using Oracle Spatial nor Binary Blobs.

SOA Servers connected to Oracle DB

Certa servers
Certa application servers have SOA architecture, enabling the integration through web services and Corba.

Desktops and tablets
Extension of Certa workstations can be programmed in .Net (for example, C#), J2EE (java) or Autolisp.


Any corporate system can use Certa’s services

Certa’s network model database runs on Oracle, without proprietary formats nor binary blobs. In addition, our service-oriented architecture of application servers permits simple extensions of functions and easy system integration. Any corporate system can use Certa’s services to analyze or modify a network model and its topology.


Certa’s application servers have a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which permits access to the model and updates in services. They can be accessed by third-party systems such as web services or Corba calls.

Each Certa module shows its services

Each Certa module makes additional services to third systems visible. For example, Certa OMS shows the necessary services to add an operation or to calculate failure in a network element, and either sends the data to the CRM-Call Center-IVR or processes pre-operation permits from a third system, among several other options.

Oracle database without proprietary formats

Both Certa’s network model and the configuration meta-model are stored in an Oracle database that only uses standard data types. Without any binary blobs, Oracle Spatial nor any other proprietary format or tool.

Custom functional extensions

It is possible to create custom programs or interfaces in workstations or tablets using Certa services, either in .NET (for example C#) or Java. AutoCAD MAP also offers a library that can be used in AutoLisp or VB.

Certa adapts to the company, not the other way around!

Certa does not have a standard “industry model” that defines the data for each network object type. Unlike its competitors, Certa uses a meta-model which can be adapted to each individual company – including data that is specific to each object type. It takes in consideration the integration rules from other corporate systems, data consistency rules and other validations. Each object type can be combined with several data sources and different views of the combined data can be defined for different user groups. This way, each user can see and update only the information they need. All these aspects are based on a single company-wide network model.

Meta-model configuration

Network and object types, object’s symbology, valid connections between objects, permits for each user group, consistency and validation criteria, model configuration rules are all part of Certa’s meta-model.

LDAP, active directory

Certa’s security can be integrated to the defined corporate security, through LDAP, Active Directory or other standards.